EFT Tapping with Dr. Helene
Dr. Helene is a Certified EFT Practitioner, and she uses EFT Tapping specifically for
Food Cravings and Stress Eating.

                                                     What is EFT?
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It’s also referred to as Tapping because what you do is literally tap on Acupressure points on the head, face, and hands.

     *Please refer to the EFT Tapping Chart below to see where the EFT Tapping Points are.

EFT is a scientifically proven technique that works to re-wire the brain by sending calming signals to the stress center of the brain-the amygdala-allowing both the body and brain to release the limiting thoughts and emotions that hold us back from creating the life we want.

It’s also shown to lower stress hormones that cause stress eating and weight gain!

                                                     How to Tap with EFT

~You take 2 fingers and tap on these acupressure points.

*Here’s 1 TAP on inner eyebrow point.

*Here’s another one (TAP) on outer eye point.

~You just take 2 fingers and tap on these acupressure points WHILE you are thinking about your problem.

In the RENEW System for Lasting Weight Loss, I use EFT Tapping specifically for Food Cravings, Stress Eating and weight gain.

The RENEW System for Lasting Weight Loss includes Two Virtual 1-on-1 EFT Tapping Sessions Every Month with a Certified EFT Practitioner where we will go deeper in exploring the root causes of your stress eating and Food Cravings so you can break free of old food additions, have more energy and feel healthier.

So, if you’re at a party or if you’re really feeling that chocolate bar calling to you,
you can do this technique, and literally, in 3-5 minutes your cravings and stress eating can totally disappear.

                                          I know, it sounds too good to be true!

                Are You Ready to Break FREE from Stress Eating & Yo-Yo Dieting?                 

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